Toyota Megacruiser (Mega Cruiser) for sale - 4.1 Litre Turbo Diesel - 1998 model





Please call or email for exact price details. If this Mega Cruiser is not what you are looking for, then let us know as we have access to 5 others including one military style.

We have this Toyota Megacruiser for sale (from 29th December 2013). It is a very rare 1998 model with only 43,000 km. It is in excellent condition all-round. With only a very small amount of these SUV's available, this will sell very soon. These vehicles only become available for sale once every 3 to 4 months on average, and finding one in this condition and mileage will probably never happen again.

The Toyota Megacruiser is a large SUV that bore a remarkable resemblance to the famous Hummer H1. It was put into production in 1995, but was discontinued for civilian production in 2002. Now it is mostly known as a military conversion for infantry transports as well as mounted howitzers and mobile SAM's for the Japan Self Defense Forces.

These awsome machines are in superb condition all round, as expected with only 43,000 km on the clock. It can be with you within between 3 and 5 weeks, depending on your location.

The Mega Cruiser was never largely intended for civilian use and thus was sold only in Japan mostly for the police, fire rescue, military transports, etc. This vehicle was intended to test designs that would eventually make their way into mass produced Toyota SUV's (like the Land Cruiser), but was an unsuccessful sale.

The Mega Cruiser featured a 4.1 L turbodiesel I4 engine. The engine focused on producing high amounts of torque at low revs. The SUV featured front, center, and rear differentials, as well as four wheel steering, and proved as a workhorse of an SUV at the time.

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